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I have to say that I absolutely love Pro-Active Therapy. I had knee surgery a few years ago and then had to go to them recently for a partially torn rotator cuff. Dr. Nitz was my doctor. He is very thorough. He takes his time. He explains things so that you, the patient, understands it. In both my knee and shoulder, I was treated with the best care by not only Dr. Nitz but his therapy staff. Dr. Nitz also informed me of exercises to continue at home on my own so that I can prevent future injury.

The reason why I did not rate Pro-Active a 5 has to do with billing issues. I am a very prompt bill payer and paid all my services upfront the day of service. I received a bill in the mail 3 weeks after I was no longer getting services from Pro-Active. When I called to inquire about why I received a bill, the billing person, Sharon, explained it was due to the coverage of my insurance not being billed correctly from the start. I had a passed 30 day charge on the bill and she explained I should have been handed a bill back in February because I was still receiving treatment. That I should have gotten this from the office staff. I then explained to her that I was never handed a bill nor did I receive one at my home. Instead of just apologizing, she said they have been having trouble with the office staff on this matter. No business should throw other members within their business under the bus to a costumer. It's unprofessional! I proceeded to tell her that I shouldn't be responsible for paying a 30 day late charge if I never knew I had a bill to begin with. So, very begrudgingly, she said I could just pay the amount I originally owed, and then cursed to herself on the phone. I waited on the phone in silence. I finally had to asked if she was ready for my card number because she wasn't saying anything. I could tell she was upset and she made me feel like she was upset at me. Insurance and billing alone, I am sure, is a headache, but when dealing with a customer, one should have better discourse.

I would definitely recommend Pro-active therapy to anyone needing this type of service. They are a GREAT group of Doctors/Therapists.
March 23, 2016

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Hear what people are saying about Pro.Active Physical Therapy. "I expressed to my doctor how Pro.Active Therapy pulled me through two painful experiences and with success."

B.J. Duvall

"Thank you to all the great people at Pro.Active who have given me such wonderful help and encouragement."

P. Bryan

"I pulled a hamstring muscle playing basketball. Not only was I in physical pain but very upset as I had to pass a physical in 5 days in order to get a job. I spent three days with your staff at Pro.Active and was able to pass my test. I appreciate so much you working me into your busy schedule and the special attention and kind service I received. I am now a solid believer in physical therapy and will highly recommend you to all my family and friends."

B.G. Muravchick